Object Alignment Tool

A tool to automatically and precisely align objects either by center, or by edges of shapes (at least simple shapes like boxes, cylinders, etc.). This would be a major improvement for hard surface object-based modeling. The tool could be used, for example, to align two cylinders on their center vertex end-to-end, as well as being able to align the outer edge of a cylinder with the outer edge of a block.

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You can use arrays or the curve repeater or just the gizmo and cloning, isn’t that enough?

For the Gizmo there is distance snap and there is the Transform Tool with Surface snap.


That could possibly work. I have been using the “add primitive” option to add a shape into my models. This always places the new object at the origin. Maybe this method would allow me to align the new objects?

Do you have an example picture of what exactly you want to do?

This is basically what I’m thinking. :+1:t2:

There are so many solutions to achieve this. I wanted to upload a video, but unfortunately only 8MB are allowed. Unfortunately, this is too cumbersome to describe.

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Maybe the video of mine will help. Nomad Sculpt - By the way - Snap to mesh center (V1.68 -3.11.2022) - YouTube


Ok, thanks, I’ll try to look into some of these methods. Do you have some suggestions for a place to start for a scenario like “align these edges” in my photo?

Have you already worked with the Transform Tool and the Insert Tool + SNAP?

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And forget to align all objects exactly - it is not possible. Some things can be done with Nomad Sculpt, but Nomad Sculpt is NOT CAD, you only place objects approximately at their position and that is sufficient for sculptures.

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Thank you for the video, that is very helpful! :+1:t2:

I’ve used the Transform Tool, I don’t know what the Insert Tool is or Snap.

Then start testing ! :wink:

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I understand, I am hoping to use it kind of like a CAD software for 3D printing some parts as well as sculptures, but I understand that this isn’t really within this software’s scope. So far, I have actually been able to get a surprising amount of CAD-level functionality with it though, which is a testament to just how incredible this software is! :+1:t2:. Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll continue to experiment and learn! I love that this software has so much flexibility, it’s truly amazing! :+1:t2:

Technical components are theoretically already possible with Nomad Sculpt. But for that you have to know every trick in this app. For example, you can only produce very badly chamfers, or the dimensions are very difficult to maintain - but it is possible. But there are definitely better apps for technical components to create for printing.

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Ya, I’m not really designing super complex parts or anything, and I’ve already figured out how to do things like scaling, creating channels through parts, and other useful things. I think I should be able to get good enough results by eyeballing for the type of parts I’m designing, so I’m hoping to do all of my modeling in Nomad, because I really like the layout. :+1:t2:

I just tried Transform and Snap! :+1:t2:. I think this automatically centered the 2 objects when I drug them together! And if I move the “axis” of the object to the edges I want to meet together, it seems like it can auto snap there as well! :+1:t2:. Thank you so much for your advice on this, this is going to be really helpful!

I’ve been wanting an align feature since I started using nomad, it should be relatively easy to add I would have thought… either to an edge or to the centre of selected objects?

Like in the example above, 2 cylinders both aligned to the centre. Would save so much time if it was just a button, without work arounds etc. I love nomad and want to be able to do everything inside it! :grin: whilst I understand there may have to be limitations, if you don’t ask… :man_shrugging::slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for the video Holger, that’s really helpful to get the desired centre aligned effect.

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Agreed, I love this software, and I love it so much that I’m willing to use some of the workarounds just so that I can do everything in the same app! I just think that a few additional tools for hard-surface modeling and object alignment would make this app a perfect all-in-one in my opinion.

In 1.77 (not sure in 1.76) you can move the pivot to the centre or bottom of an object. You can then use transform tool to move & snap object to surface of other object.

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