Are there any plans for better object snapping and alignment features in the near future?

Often when I’m assembling models with this software, one of the biggest current downsides is the lack of easy alignment or snapping features. I can align things based on x, y, z coordinates, and it works ok, but takes longer. Are there any plans for some stronger alignment and snapping tools? This would really improve my workflow. I know that you have limited resources, and have to have priorities, but this would be extremely useful. This software is amazing. :+1:t2:

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I have found a very very easy way to accurately position objects exactly on vertex position, if it helps you.


Thank you, that is very helpful. I’ve been using Nomad Sculpt a lot for hard-surface modeling, so precise snapping options are very useful. :+1:t2:. The mask and unmask method looks like it will get me close to precise snapping, because you can use the mesh as a grid of sorts, and just line up your brush to select that as the point! I like your video tutorials, they are very helpful! :+1:t2:

This was an awesome video

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