Snap to or lock axis feature

Hi all.

I’m having a bit of a brain freeze moment.

I can’t recall if we have this kind of a feature in nomad already and if we do i can’t recall where it is :slight_smile:

I’m thinking for example if I were to bring in a texture as a stamp it would be good if there was a lock axis or snap to point grid ect feature to be able to ensure you could line things up.

If we don’t have this, is it possible to have it in a future release.

If we do have it, apologies… and can someone remind me where the hell it is :smiley:

G Force

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Maybe you can post an example as a screenshot of what you want to do, maybe there is a way. Some functions Nomad Sculpt does not have yet, some functions you can sometimes use differently to achieve an effect…

Currently this function isn’t in Nomad, Gary. Your alpha’s have been very useful by the way - wanted to bestow some thanks. I often point people to your store when the query of ‘‘where can I find alphas’’ pops up. Champion work :+1:


What I’m thinking is more for use with repetitive textures / alphas.

So if say I had a brick texture it would be good to lock the stamp tool for example to only go 90 degree angles. So as you are dragging the scale you don’t go off slightly


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Thanks for that John_Mills glad you appreciate and make good use of the alphas :slight_smile:

I also appreciate you pointing people towards my stuff :slight_smile:

I didn’t think this was a feature, I’ve been looking for a way to do it, so it would be a great one to add.

Many thanks

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We still have to wait for such tool settings.

I would love to have this feature as well. Not only for grab dynamic, also for specific brushes like special paints brush etc. As it is, it is good for a bunch of uses but sometimes it is really badly missing to lock angle or fix angle at a free to choose degree.

At least I’m not going crazy.

I had a moment the other day and I was thinking “where’s the snap … I can’t find it”

Then there’s that moment when you doubt yourself :slight_smile:

So i would really like this feature:)

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