Moving mirrored objects symmetrically

With previous versions of Nomad Sculpt I feel I could move mirrored objects symmetrically, moving an object on the x-axis would cause the mirrored object to move in the opposite direction.

When I do this now I can only move the objects together in the same direction. Am I missing something? The “show plane” option also doesn’t seem to work anymore?

Steps I’m taking:

  • open a new scene
  • move the sphere to the right
  • mirror the sphere using world space and Mirror Right to Left
  • turn symmetry on
  • move the sphere

…and symmetry doesn’t occur. Both spheres move in the same direction.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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It will be fixed on next release.

Thanks Stéphane!

Thanks, was doing a tutorial and going crazy over this :smiley:

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