Symmetry Issues

Hello! New to Nomad and 3D software in general. Been working on this wolf guy and suddenly found that I’m no longer able symmetrically sculpt the head… tried playing around with the settings/following online advice and haven’t found a fix yet. It seems to be an issue exclusive to the “head” object

try setting the method from ‘world’ to ‘local’.

Tried that, does the same thing.

can you upload a nomad file here? if local/world doesn’t work, its usualy related to a pivot or offset you’ve accidentally baked in.

Wolf.nom (8.3 MB)

ok, so if you turn on ‘show line’ at the bottom of the symmetry panel, you can see something has gone wrong, both local and world modes show where nomad thinks the mirror plane should be is misaligned:

There’s a few options you can do here:

  1. Move everything back to the origin

Select the head, open the gizmo tool, click ‘move to origin’.

Of course in your case you have separate parts for teeth, eyes, jaw etc, so you can temporarily parent everything under the head, move to origin, then unparent:

Once at the origin, it might be a good idea to click ‘bake’ so that nomad knows this is where the head should be when all the transform values are at their defaults:

  1. Fix the mirror plane

Usually clicking the world center and orient center buttons on the symmetry menu will fix it, but something strange has gone on here, and they don’t work. In this case you can click the seemingly-muted button to alter the symmetry plane manually. It’s semi-hidden for a reason; when the first two buttons dont’ work it implies something is wrong with the object transform (which is what the above method solves), so only use this as a last resort if you absolutely can’t move things back to the origin for whatever reason:


cool sculpt btw!

You should save this complete explanation under How to : symmetry problems so that we only have to post the link if the same question / problem is asked again.


Heh, good point! It’s on the todo list…

I was having similar issues yesterday and totally forgot how to reset things.
Thank you @mestela for the detailed explanation :smiley:

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Thank you for the suggestions. I’ve tried all of them and it’s still not working ;(
should I assume it’s a bug at this point?

It’s definitely not a bug, your mesh isn’t symmetrical. I recorded a full process video with audio to explain:

Thank you so much for the video explanation! I will try this when I get home, you are a lifesaver

I’ve been able to complete most of the steps, but it doesn’t allow me to do the mirror mesh or not both halves simultaneously.

shrug works for me, you can see that in the video. i’ve attached the .nom file too, but between the video explainer and this file, there’s not much more advice I can offer.

wolf_symmetry.nom (8.4 MB)

Thank you regardless! Better than restarting from scratch…