Mirroring issue

Hi. I am a Nomad/3D sculpt noob. Can anyone tell my this happens. Thanks in advance for any replies.

I don’t know what exactly happened.
Before doing anything else, check that you are in exact orthographic front view. Means perspective off.

I recommend to add perspective and camera snap to shortcut list for your daily work. Will help.
Check your wireframe and leave it on.
After, the only thing I can advice is to use gizmo edit to adjust it back according to your wireframe verticals.

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Many thanks :pray:t3:

I don’t recommend the gizmo edit to align it back.

Try « world » instead of « local », or the reset buttons.
It’s impossible to know what’s going with just a single screenshot (is the mesh centered, etc),
Just click the buttons and see if it works.

Bake transformations?