Symmetry problem

Hi I had some problem with my model symmetry. I don’t know when I messed it up. I think undoing is impossible since i noticed it too late. Is there any way to fix this? Im quite new on 3d modeling so please forgive me. I would like to reflect or perhaps mirror the right side details. Your inputs would be greatly appreciated.

There are settings that allow you to see the line and a plane on your model. It’s in the symmetry tab. Once you can see the line where it’s split you can then click the local or global setting to see if that lines it back up. You may have moved the model off the global center so symmetry is altered. Doing local splits the model where ever the center is. You can also adjust the symmetry plane with the edit tool. Get it close mirror it then touch it up again.

When you know where the symmetry plane is you can mirror it easily in the mirror tab. You can choose the side you want mirrored as well. The symmetry tab looks like 2 triangles. The mirror settings are in there to

Thanks! I mirrored the model but i don’t now how i seemed to have chosen the right side to mirror. Lol

There’s an checkbox named “flip direction” just next to the mirror button.

So whichever side I’m currently viewing will be used as the base?

Mirror it, if its wrong then flip it and mirror again. Pretty quick to do. I find that a lot in this app, test it out, if it’s not what you want then undo with the double finger tap and try again.

Pretty much how it’s intended to be used.

Maybe I should make 2 mirror buttons instead of a checkbox.

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Also a reason why I don’t particularly encourage people to spend money on tutorial videos for this app - it’s pretty much a process of test, undo, retest, undo…and so on until it looks the way you want it to look. Probably a similar process when developing the app (but coming from a more educated place).

The 2 mirror buttons, it should be better and with less guessing.

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I have just tested, it is more efficient with the mirror button that can be activated afterwards for me.

Hmm I don’t get it, could you rephrase?

Je disais donc que c’était plus intuitif de cocher le bouton miroir après avoir créer la forme juste avant de valider plutôt que d’être activé par défaut.

So I was saying that it was more intuitive to check the mirror button after creating the shape just before validating rather than being enabled by default.

Hmm are we talking about the same thing?

I was mentioning the mirror button in the Symmetry panel, for sculpted geometry (not the mirror shortcut on the left for primitives)

Alternatively, if you were to support flipping the mesh you can still have just two buttons without the checkbox with the added benefit of flipping :slight_smile:

ok we weren’t talking there
same thing sorry

I’m not sure I get it.

I’ll just add the flipping button anyway.

I guess I meant that if mirroring is always negative to positive, you can always “flip” the mesh first and choose whichever side you want to mirror. It still only two buttons.