How can I fix symmetry?

I’ve had this issue ever since the big update and I can’t work on models seamlessly anymore :frowning:

I would like for symmetry to be applied across the red line, but

  • if I move my object, the axis it splits at is at an angle
  • if I mirror my object it’s at an angle

Before, I could hit world center, then mirror to reapply symmetry and everything would be mirrored over the default symmetry line again. Now that doesn’t even work. This also happens with two separate objects that have been mirrored but aren’t touching. I have a video where I’m adjusting eyebrows but as I rotate one, the other squishes at an angle.

I would appreciate the help! I miss modeling lol

Click on Bake in the Gizmo Matrix and test again.

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That seems to have done it! Thank you so much! I’m so excited to get to working on models again!

Should be fixed on 1.72

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When will the beta version of 1.72 be released?