Symmetry and mirror

I’ve been working on a sculpture and have kept all primitives at world center when performing mirror or symmetry. Everything seem to be working smoothly until today. When I reopen my file and went to use the symmetry tool, the symmetry was off on one side. When I clicked the primitive and checked mirror, it was apparent the entire piece is now off from the world center. I selected all primitives and selected move to origin but they are all still off. Am I missing something?

Check the symmetry panel and make sure you’re set to World and try resetting the origin?

Done it multiple times. My world line is also barley noticeable on one primitive and the plane shows under that primitive instead of at the center.

If you select multiple objects, move to origin will not move every pieces to the origin, otherwise everything would be cluttered on the area place (something that no one wants).
It simply translates the whole selection to the origin.

It’s an infinite plane, so it shouldn’t be an issue as long as the plane go through the center.

I believe I have resolved it. I had sculpted everything under symmetry but then changed one hands pose so it took the world center and adjusted it slightly. To regain symmetry I had to select all other objects other than the arms and click them to origin. I am still not sure how the center got off but I can work around it