Can’t center objects, uneven symmetry

This is driving me nuts. I have checked a few tutorials on how to center objects and make symmetry symmetrical, but nothing works, the symmetry/mirror is always uneven!
In the picture you see the black object doesn’t center with the white plane above.

Gizmo → Move origin?

Thanks for reply.
That doesn’t fix the problem, like the shoulder pads in the picture are still off. I have tried moving objects together and not separated from each other but the symmetry is then uneven.

Are you using Local Symmetry or World Symmetry? If Local, that may be your issue.

If World, most likely you’ve moved your model or your pivot point and that’s causing the issue. An easy test of this is to turn your symmetry to World and then use the Mirror Right/Left button.

If the part pops up on the opposite side but is out of place, your model has been moved out of center.

Either way, it’s hard to tell without more information.

I have been trying all that you described.
Don’t understand though how the model could have been moved, I have never moved it, just pressed ‘move origin’ ‘reset’ ‘bake’ a lot of times to try and fix stuff but to no avail.

We don’t even know if the models are centered, start to display the grid to see where the origin is.

Ok, this is what it looks like when I move the body to origin. I also moved the shoulder pads, they are more centered but still not centered

Your body is not aligned with the mirror axis, you can see that clearly in the top view, it is slightly rotated. Believe me, that was 100% your fault - at some point you unintentionally turned the gizmo a bit and didn’t notice it.

So then why can’t it go to original state? I saw the body is angled and turned it straight, rest of the objects are still off center.
The only thing I know I’ve done is to mirror the body (from left to right, right to left) a while ago a few times because the symmetry was not even, after I did that, the symmetry on the body was even. But the rest objects after that was not even.

For such cases, we always use the discord server of Nomad Sculpt, where you can upload the whole file and make it available to other users. It is far too cumbersome to explain everything in words, how and what you may have to do so that everything fits again. We need the Mesh…

I’m in the discord now, who do I send the file to?

Nomad Sculpt server - HELP Channel
Just write your request for help to fix the symmetry and attach your file as an attachment to the message. If someone has time, he looks at the mesh.

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Is the Nomad Sculpt Discord Server discover-able or does it require an invite?

I’m new to Discord, but I’m not finding it in the normal search bar…or I’m a dummy.

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