Beginner Help: Finding the mirror button

I’m a total newbie to procreate and for the life of me, I cannot find the mirror button or mirror objects. I’ve even gone so far as deleting the app and reinstalling it on my iPad, but now I can’t get anything to mirror at all, even when I go through the symmetry menu (either the buttons for mirror left to right/right to left don’t work at all, or they randomly do, but I don’t get two discrete objects, just a long blob that never separates).

What am I doing wrong and how do I find the damn mirror button?!

There are several ways to mirror in nomadsculpt.
1: By selecting an object and add a mirror. For exapmle the eyes.
2: by selecting an object an mirror the symmetry

Lot’s of tutorials can be found on Youtube.

I appreciate your help and unfortunately, that is not working for me, nor have the dozen other tutorials I have reviewed. I apologize in advance for the multiple posts, but as a new user, I can only embed one jpg at a time.

  1. When I try to select “mirror” this happens:

This is what happens when I select “yes” from the above dialog box:

  1. When I try to select “left to right” or “right to left” mirror via symmetry, the program either doesn’t let me select, or this happens:
  1. I tried deleting the sphere, creating a box, and somehow got a mirror mask (I think?) which created a successfully mirrored object, but also this dialog box which frankly, as a newbie, I don’t understand:

Any ideas? I want to move beyond this aggravating issue, but nothing I have reviewed, read, or watched addresses any of what’s happening.

No idea how to trigger the above bug, it seems to work fine when I do it.

Hey Stephomi, I’ve replicated what AEjones did above - mirror node a sphere, drag vertex symmetry to create a lozenge, then do a left to right mirror from the main symmetry menu

Not how it’s meant to be used of course but I see how it was done

Hmm I don’t think I understand it.

After a crash and couple of restarts it seems to have resolved itself

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