Transform gizmo object clone/duplicate

Hi! Thanks for this amazing piece of software, it´s already pretty god damn awesome. But there´s something that would make workflow even smoother on it, especially for blocking meshes and duplicating simple objects like teeth etc. If there would be an easy way to duplicate objects straight in the viewport like translating object with gizmo there could be just a clone toggle and you´ll just move new duplicate to position you would like it be. Zbrush does this with ctrl+translate, something similar would be very cool and it should not clutter interface more. Thanks!

Agreed. As Android seem not supporting pencil + finger tap on canvas, I am afraid this won’t be possible as well?
While in active transformation with highlighted direction, mask button changes to clone or stamp. Simply tap to clone on place while you can keep on transforming. This would be cool!

For now I don’t want to change the “Mask” and “Smooth” behaviour.
Especially since Masking is often used with Gizmo as well (posing).

It will be another button next to the pivot ones.
You would toggle it and then interacting with a widget would do the cloning (and un-toggle the option automatically as well).

If the option is on, I’ll probably ignore the masking (at least at first).
Not sure if I should leave the scale and rotate widgets as well, maybe only the rotate.

It would be present with Transform as well.


Sounds good and logical. :ok_hand:
Double functions are always a bit critical, you are right.
Together with duplicate, a “repeat last” would be strong.
Rotate 30 degrees while duplicate toggle is on, then press repeat last 10 times, done!

Release 1.38 is on the way.


Wow this is super useful! Thank you so much !! :heart_eyes:

Clone selection is a blast!