Easy Duplicate

I love the new features and am really looking forward to the addition of the curve tool at some point.

I wonder if it would be possible to add a small icon at the bottom of the screen to easily and quickly duplicate objects. It would also be nice if there was a way to duplicate an object but keep it in the same subtool which would save having to merge them after the fact.

I’m really trying to keep the “top-level UI” as simple as possible.
There’s already a duplicate button in the scene menu (so 1 click away).

If I were to add a button for that, maybe it could be exclusive to the “Gizmo” tool.
You could also imagine the possibility of merging several objects without entering the Scene menu, since we can already select multiple objects in the viewport.

Adding it to the move gizmo is a great idea. Shapr3D has a button on its move gizmo that toggles copy on and off. Super convenient.

Thanks for the response. Totally understand and appreciate the desire to keep the UI minimalist.

I like the idea of adding it to the gizmo tool. I was actually thinking about it because in Zbrush with the gizmo activated if you hold down control and drag the gizmo you automatically drag out a copy and your initial tool is masked. Once you clear the mask, you can edit all of them as one subtool. This is helpful for doing things like teeth, hair, etc.