Number of clones

New Webdemo version includes a fantastic feature. Just tap on move arrow or rotate arc and numerical input is opening. Wonderful!
Works with clones as well.

What if this feature would allow to make multiple duplicates all with same distance? Wouldn’t that be great?
Something like this:

Maybe with preview? :star_struck:


Even a button to repeat the last gizmo transform/clone would be amazing.

You mean like CTRL + D in Illustrator repeating transformation before?
I like this and requested this already as well.
My top fav would be an Array tool like in 3ds max. With it, you can define object grids, objects helixes, and and and….but very easy and much less complex like in zBrush.

But compared to all above, I thought a duplicate option integrated in transformation dialogue could have best chances to be implemented in somewhere near future. Well, nearer future than the other features.

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Yup! Ctrl-D is exactly what I was thinking of. It’s so useful.

An array option would be amazing. For some reason, I kind of wonder if that won’t arrive until we get non-destructive modifiers, though. Like Cinema 4D’s modifiers/deformers, one of which could be an array modifier.