Create series of objects. (Array) - numeric input in Matrix

To create a series (array) you could e.g. enter in the Gizmo - Matrix the distance (+number) to the 1st object and then (x-number) the number of objects.
Like in Sketchup.
This could also be used for the rotation…

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That’s an exact duplicate of my request a few days ago. :smile:

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Or just a snapping function :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool and helpful as well, but does not replace multiple clones at once.
So absolutely no “or” maybe an “and” :laughing:

Multiple scelections It is not clear what you want to achieve with it in this context.

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Create two, select multiple, duplicate both and slide with a snapping grid. I understand it’s different but would be super useful for
simulating this method!

:grinning: I searched the forum to see if anyone already had this idea - but I didn’t search for "Number of clones” - and your suggestion I have somehow not read or forgotten… double keeps better !
I really hope that Stephane will find sometime a simple solution for arrays or clones that fits the concept of Nomad Sculpt.

Snapping would be great.