Array Tool

An array tool linked to all the axis requiring input for how many, axis and degrees, would be
A great time saver.

This took me ages to do!


The simplest for me would be a single repeat option.

The whole array/repeat thing is not really top priority at the moment.

The problem is it somehow goes wrong when rotating around an object, the more the
Satellite object embeds itself into the main object.
I really don’t know where I am going wrong…

I don’t understand the issue, could you rephrase or doing a quick video?

Don’t forget that the “sphere” is not a pure sphere, it’s a subdivided box.

You should create a new primitive to get a real sphere (with “project on sphere” activated).

Ok I understand now, I used the wrong sphere primitive…Thank you for your
Help…you always go above and beyond! Btw I am loving the new features.