How to center objects repeated, or how to get them in line with the array?

So I am having a lot of problem trying to get the circle made by the object repeated in line with the circle array. If I choose a bracelet link to move it the circle array disapears if I choose the array the link disappears, if I choose both then both move at the same time I can’t aline them.

When editing the repeater, what do you have selected as your Target?

I find that selecting Object and using the gizmo gets my repeaters off center (see pic). But using Vertex or Group seems to keep everything centered.

Maybe this helps:

YesmI am familiar with your video, I have watched it many times. I realized I forgot that group needs to be under array and not the other way.
That helps a lot.
But my issue is that whennwe have very big projects is dificult to select just what we want to work on, even using the select tool and the solo tool.
I opened a thread asking for extra tools for this. Like being able to pin in view an object, so it always stays in view when we want. In this way ve can then selct all, with the select tool and with a hide button all the object would get hide and only the pined ones will stay in view.
Because my issue was that it was dificult to see the array nodes and line at the same time that the objects, with all the rest of the object hidden. When I was trying to move the object the array circle and nodes would disappear. Changing the order of the group and array helped a lot in being able to have both in view I must say.

Thank you.It was vertex. But I will kepp it in mind in the future