Curve repeater, objects do not match the curve repeater location

I need to make a lot of bracelets for a character , they need to match the shape of the wrist.
Butd is been so hard to understand how to work properly vith curves and curves repeaters.
I made a curve for the base of the bracelet. Then I need to snap objects on int.
First only to get the base of the braclete, done with a curve, was so dificult to have the shape of the arm.
Now that I kind of got it working in an acceptable way, not perfect.
I would like to copy that curve and turning itmin to a curve repeater. As far I know it seems that is not posible right?
So now I had to go to that dificult proces again and make a curve repeater to match the curve object.
But now when I hadd the object I want to repeat the object does the circle in a completly diferent location.
I am lost.
Tried to fix it but I have no idea what’s wrong

This is de idea with this one, but I need to make many different ones.

I need to do many more, for many characters

Yes I have seen almost all of your videos, specially the ones involving curves, repeaters, array.
Thank you for pointing this one. I missed a couple of key things.
I think I was able to achive something pretty decent.
I am going to re-watch all the videos with curves, repeaters and such, but follow along this time to try to incorporate more the workflow

Well I got stuck again.
Now my issue is how to mirror this in to the other arm but without validating because I want to use the same base thing but change the object repeated for example.
I clone everything and try to mode it to the other arm but it just deform, it expand or compress, it gets broken.

I think you have to change the target mode. And use instance for the hole thing not clone.
And put everything in a group node and move only the group.

I think I understand what you mean. I think I did it correctly.
Instanced the wole thing, but every time I tried to move it, all, just the group, andnwith different targets, it got broken.
But I just cloned the curve and moved it by hand to the other arm. Actually in this case was the only thing I needed.