Ball pattern brush?


hey! i am asking for help, if there is a way to make the spheres in a way other than adding/duplicating it one by one? I have added a picture of example, since im replicating the exact same thing. Hope i explained logically, but ye, thanks, any help would be appreciated!

OH AND ALSO, the lines? do i just carve it out with the crease tool by hand? it would look wobbly, idk D:

Yes, you can use repeaters. I’ll see if I can find a video real quick…

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omg such a fast reply, thank you!! waiting for your answer with the video! :))

I couldn’t find a video real quick but Holger likely has one. His YouTube channel can be found HERE.

But a quick version:
It’s actually the Repeater: Radial function. It’s in the Scene menu > Add > Repeaters > Radial.

Once created, selecting the object in the Objects Menu will let you choose how many, what axis, etc.

Selecting the original item will allow you to move and sculpt (all others will have changes applied).

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For the lines, a lot of ways you can do it but the first that comes to mind is to make repeater cylinders and Boolean subtract/add as needed.

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yesss!! exactly what I was looking for!! It worked! I am forever grateful for your help, thank you so so much! Literally saved me! :smiley: THANKUUUU! <3

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