Sphere brush

Dumb idea. The voxel modeling application 3DCoat has a “Sphere Brush”. You can find videos about it on YouTube. The idea is that it draws a “worm” of voxels in the camera view plane and the thickness of the worm is based on brush size. This brush is unlike the Drag brush in Nomad because it doesn’t need an already existing mesh to create new geometry.
I think this brush could be useful to sketch out armatures like a sculptor would make a wire armature to attach clay to.

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There will be a tube tool for the next release.

I probably won’t do a sphere brush but I might do a mesh ballon thing in the future (creating mesh from lasso tool)


I would prefer a mesh balloon tool that used the rectangle, elipse, polygon and lasso too with options for soft shapes and hard edged shapes (like in the Triplaner Primitive) over a sphere brush. I only suggested it as I wrongly assumed it might be “easy” to implement.
3DCoat has a voxel “Blob Tool” and it is useful for quickly sketching parts hard edge parts for hard edge kitbashing models. I would much prefer this to the polymodeler everyone is asking for. Sure I can do a lot of it using a Triplaner Primative but it is an extra step. Thanks!

Is the concept to make a custom shape?
if so thats what I’m looking for.
Being able to make rectangles and custom shapes would be so powerful.

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Spud, no. The idea with the Sphere Brush in the voxel modeling app for Mac and Windows named 3DCoat is to be able to just add voxels, a shape, quickly in a scene. I wanted it in Nomad in order to quicky draw out 3D stick figures to act as sculpture armatures.
Now in 3DCoat there is another brush called Blob Tool. That allows you to with a lasso or polygon tool just draw a shape on the screen and a voxel mesh appears. The hardness and softness and thinkness of the mesh varries based on settings.
I still think a Sphere Brush and Blob Tool would be good tools for Nomad. In the meanwhile the new Tube tool allows me to make stick figure armatures and the old Triplanar primitive allows me to draw shapes using the lasso and polygon tool.

Oh, sorry dcipperley. My ‘Tool Tool’ search brought me to your post. I was asking Stephan about his comment on the tube tool.
Accidently hijacking your thread. Sorry.

Spud, no problem.

Well tube is for making tube, not rectangle.
I’m not sure si understand the question.

Note that the feature is already there (it’s a tool, you won’t find it in the scene menu)