Drawing in primitives like a brush tool

What i was thinking is adding in multiple primitives automatically with the stroke of a pen or finger.

I have nomad on my phone and use my finger to sculpt, its not the best way but i got it to try it out. When i used primitives to create a base mesh i found it finicky.

Im not a fan of adding in primitives one by one and that you have to manually changed the size after you create them.

So i thought about being able to change the size of primitives as if it was a brush tool with the sliding tab on the side of the screen. Aswell as using the stroke of your finger or pen to create multiple primitives within that stroke depending on the size. You could even select and edit individual primitives like normal too.

To help even further you could edit how far or close the primitives are together. You could use it to create a base mesh or an objects for your model. If you wanted just a single primitive just tap the screen like normal.

That’s something i would love to see implemented. It would help alot to create base meshes faster.

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We had the same idea!

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For me, its all i could ask for in nomad. I hope to see it implemented soon.

It’s not exactly the same thing, but the insert brush with clone setting allows quick insertion of meshes. With practice, combined with scale, move & rotate gestures, a massing model can be quickly achieved. One tip is to change the location & orientation of the pivot on the “original” mesh prior to cloning. This way you can control where the clone is inserted and it can be a great way of cobbling together a mass.

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Ill have to check that out thank you.

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It has great uses - and will be even better when parent / child / instancing is added in the near future (being worked on hopefully)

is that planned at all?

Two curve options for insert mesh with freehand and spline curve would be wonderful. With adjustable spacing & angle.

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