Insert Edge Loops!

Love the app! The only thing I find myself really missing is a way to add in edge loops, since I tend to start as low poly as possible and then subdivide. The ability to add in one or two edge loops on the primitives for a little more wiggle room instead of doing a full subdivision, or adding in some support loops to keep some sharp edges before moving on to the next subdivision level would be extremely helpful! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I agree it would be great to have a few purpose designed low poly tools; however we can actually do quite a lot already with the tools we already have. You can create new edges by using split tool with hole filling turned off, and then join the two meshes in the scene menu. Extruding faces is also possible. I go into detail on various low poly techniques with examples in link below. Hope it’s useful

Ahh cool! Thanks for letting me know, definitely a useful workaround! Just tried the split/join method, works well, didn’t know that simple merge will merge vertices that are on top of each other!

Occasionally it doesn’t work - if you run the smooth brush over the new edge it splits apart; so it’s always worth quickly doing that after you’ve created a new edge just to check it; if it seems ok then just undo the smoothing action. It better to spend 30 seconds checking each new edge rather than proceeding, doing lots of sculpting, only to realise much later that there’s an issue!
It’s pretty rare that that happens though.