Please add Mesh editing tools in next update

Mesh editing tools, in which we can select nodes, edges and planes to edit them (extrude, bevel, inset…etc). Like we can do in Blender’s edit mode. It will help in adding minute details and useful for making hard surface models.

Thanks in advance


This is what I’m hoping for too. I’d like to be able to build extremely low poly sets for paint-over purposes.


that would be great

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Would be a very nice feature for block out stage of sculpt in addition to hard surface.

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I would also love to get such tools.
Selecting single or groups of vertices/nodes and then moving/scaling would be extremely useful for many Im sure.

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Once low level editing is added to Nomad, a new wave of users will arrive from all vertexes of the world.

The feature request after that will be a non stop flood.

It is not a small addition, but surely very expected.

I’m in Q waiting for it as well.