My own primitive s from objs

I think this would not be that hard to do.

Could we have a place where we can load objs to be primitives (not wit all the feature that standard primitives have). I have shapes built in other apps that I use to blockout because it makes creation faster. Right now I have to import them every time. Something like a an object library that’s just a list mapped to objs.


I second this idea, would be great IMO. To make fur or hairstrands for example.
Leaves, Grass, whatever.

What I do is import all my primitives into one project and use that project as a base template. From there I use the clone tool. Its my way around it atleast, no idea if thats any helpful for you!


I love it when people say things like “I think this would not be that hard to do.” :roll_eyes:

Importing them from the files app is very simple. Much easier than programming an app.

You can even make a nomad project with your files in it and then just import them into your scene as needed. Very easy.

Literally exactly what I said lol

Where do you block out these shapes?

That’s actual what I currently do. But it’s more steps. I’m asking for a similar workflow to how we do alpha masks and brushes. So that I do t have to import them every time.

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In blender or zbrush. Something like a a zbrush insert mesh brush would speed up the workflow

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@037 given his existing UI he could re use the code from masks or custom brushes. Or maybe if he had a plugin layer I could build it out.