New Clone function and numerical input = array

When transforming Gizmo is active, we have this new clone toggle - fantastic!
But we have a digital input for transformation as well. The clone function is not executed when entering a number. That would be cool to make precise distance copies.

Extended Idea:
An clone option for numerical input in transformation dialogue.
If checked all numbers are reset to 0
A new field for copies is opening.
Entering translation Move X 0,5 and copies to 5 will do five copies of object with 0.5 distance in X.

If pivot is moved on bottom of a cylinder, entering 45 for rotation z and copies to 5 you will have perfect six spokes with 45 degrees distance for a wheel.

A little pre math should warn user if this action will exceed max memory as there will be freaks trying do make hundreds of copies with a 2 million poly object.

Too advanced for now, a little bit like the array mesh feature in ZBrush (I suppose). But maybe in the future.

One thing that I can do is supporting symmetry so that it duplicates in mirror mode.

Also note that cloning works with multi selection already.

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I know it from 3Ds max.
3Ds Max array

Which is more complicate and powerful, but basic 1D is cool.

A repeat last action, could do the simple trick as well.

Let’s say you clone-moved an object one unit. Activating clone again and repeat last is transforming again one unit. No matter how many objects are selected.

Or at least numerical input and clone is working together. A tiny thing one would expect anyway.

I could imagine even a very simple addition would be helpful for lots of tasks. :smiley: