Mirror cloning?

In case I’ve overlooked something: Is there a command for this? I’ve been using ‘mirror’ in the symmetry panel and then just separate the mesh parts.

And related: is there a way to just simply flip(mirror) an entire object? (For example an asymmetric face sculpt flipped around.)

There is no option yet.
One alternative is to select the gizmo and in the tool setting uncheck uniform scale and invert the sign in the scale x value.


Ok, so I tried it but unfortunately it also flips the normals when you do that.

Also (an OS thing, not the app) I can only enter -1 by writing it with pencil…lots of trial and error- ios numpad doesn’t give you the minus symbol :sweat_smile:

Ah the iPad doesn’t have numpad, so I have everything on my end.

Are you sure? Maybe try again.

ok, this is whats happening for me:

It looks like you’re scaling -1 on all three axes. Try just the x axis?

Yeah, I’m changing it on X, but Nomad does Y and Z automatically. It also changed the rotation values by itself too :confused:

Maybe I’m being really dense…but I’m stumped.

That’s super weird and yeah, can confirm it does the same for me. Bug maybe.

Also if you set any negative value in the scale, all the other values change to negative as well (but not the same negative), and the x rotation changes to 180 as you mentioned.

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I can confirm. Same bug here.

If clone would work with numerical input, that would be simply great for a bunch of construction tasks as well.

Look at last simple picture

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Ah yes I had show backface enabled (no colored) so I couldn’t see the issue.
I’m not sure if I’m going to fix it, fixing the face order is tricky if multiresolution is on.

As for the scale/rotation it’s not a bug (although it looks like one).

Hahaha…how on earth do you guys work with backfaces on?! Savages! :laughing:

Thanks dudes, for looking into it.

And for reference, in case stephomi decides to add the feature:
Zbrush has two separate functions: “Mirror” and “Mirror and Weld”

“Mirror” just flips the object. “Mirror and Weld” works like Nomad’s current “Mirror”

Now I get why they disable those functions on meshes with SubD levels.

Good thing about inverted face is that you can use the good old toon rendering technique:

  1. duplicate a mesh
  2. scale x (-1.0)
  3. scale a little bit the mesh (uniformly)
  4. black color
  5. Disable backface rendering

I was thinking about exposing a simple “Mirror” without welding but I’m not sure about the UX.
Maybe in the Symmetry menu as well, just another “Self-Mirror” or “Flip mesh” option.

Note that the current “Mirror” option in Nomad is 2-in-1:

  • it tries to re-apply the mirroring (“Re-apply mirror”)
  • and if it fails it indeed split and mirror/weld

oh yeah,
I think that’s what capcom did with Okami, irrc. It worked brilliantly.

re: mirroring
I think it makes sense to have it in the symmetry menu, xyz swizzles and world/local options are already there too.

Ah…that’s really neat! I don’t think i’ve ever met the criteria to trigger this yet. I could be wrong but the voxel remeshing tends to not be symmetrical.