Where is Separate option?

After I updated nomad sculpt to version 1.66 the separate option disappeared. But I noticed that there is “new option” called “join” and it works like “simple merge” and I was wondering if there is any option like “separate” but it changed the name.

three dots in hierarchy menu

Thank you for the reply but I know that there is a new feature called “groups” but I wanted to know if there is hidden “separate” option like in the screenshot because I simple merged something yesterday and I can’t undo it.

Here is another screenshot from my tablet with the latest version.

yes and push the three dots.

OK I FOUND IT! Thanks so much I didn’t notice it :joy::+1:

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Omg I started learning Nomad two days ago and today my scene menu looked different. I thought I clicked something on accident and now I see it’s a new update :sob: :joy:

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It happens to thew best of us