No longer selecting when tapping on an object

When I began using this program I could touch an object to select it- the gizmo would also transfer between objects with a single tap. Somehow I managed to deactivate that feature apparently? Does anyone know how to put it back the way it was?

Check in settings / gesture menu, have you changed selection method to stylus only?

If that doesn’t help, have you got Lock selected on bottom menu? That locks the selection to object currently highlighted in the hierarchy list, and can only be changed by turning off lock or reselecting in list.

Thanks i did check that. I nded up closing the app and restarting it and then everything went back to the way it was.

I get that too sometimes, I select the object in the scene tree then. I’ll try to find out under what circumstances it happens so it could be reported as a bug.

I’ve been really frustrated at times trying to select an object, played with the settings trying to sort it out but in the end I figured because my fingers can still select just fine it’s likely due too me dropping my pencil one to many times lol, it’s gotten really sensitive since the last drop and the slightest touch is almost like it’s double touching or flickering, something too that effect, sometimes when I do manage to select an object it actually gets moved slightly, guess I’ll just have too part with the money and get a new one.

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