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Would it be possible to have an Add to selection toggle?

Press the smooth icon on left menu to toggle multiple selection


I don’t know what you mean.

We can deselect from a selection of objects but we can’t currently add to a selection of objects. When having a complicated set of objects to select it would be a little bit easier to be able to add to the selection instead of making a whole selection and deselecting from it. Like I’m setting up a base mesh for a sculpt that has a bunch of individual parts for the musculature. I’m trying to select parts to mirror and it would be nice to be able to add to the selection.
It’s not important or anything just would be nice.
Perhaps others feel similarly.

What Bezzo was saying is that you can hold the smooth button and tap on an object to select AND deselect it while in the viewport.

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Press and hold, then select multiple.

Hua. Mine doesn’t seem to do that…

When I press and hold the smooth button I still don’t have the ability to select multiple objects. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

iOS? Android?
Pencil? Finger?

You need to hold the « smooth » button with your finger, the button shouldn’t be just activated (maybe that’s the case on video but I can’t tell).

Double check the gesture (top right) to see if finger/pencil are activated for selection.

Also if it’s Android you’ll need to tap the objects with your fingers while holding the smooth button (Android or rather Samsung ignores finger input when the pencil is in use)

OMG, Thanks :+1: it works :+1:

I think it was the Samsung pen thing. Just need to use my hands! Thank you so much :grinning::grinning::grinning: