Easier multiple selection

Loving the update - I’ve imported an OBJ started in another software in order to add detail & test render outputs from Nomad. Looks great by the way. One thing I found is that when I split the model into its component parts, there are several hundred to deal with.
My request would be a better way to select multiple objects, which could be done several ways:

  1. Have a “select all” in the scene list, allowing deselection of objects that you didn’t want to re-combine.
  2. Have a method of selecting the first object in the scene list & then selecting the last object to select all objects between (similar to shift clicking in windows file system).
  3. Have a canvas based selection similar to select mask, where you can draw a polygon through the objects on the canvas to make your selection / invert your selection etc (similar to Z-Brush functionality)

Personally I’d prefer option 3 as I notice you’ve included modifier keys with same functionality as Zbrush (such as CTRL + drag on canvas removes mask). I know you’re not trying to copy Zbrush but obviously many users will be coming from that environment to escape its overly complex interface. I really respect the way that you care about the interface & I think that is the intuitive interface is the winning feature of this App. Thanks once again for the awesome update!

  1. I’d like to support hierarchy for the scene. But I need to think more about that, my ui-list widget is not really ready for that.

  2. I will add that. (You will need to hold “smooth” shortcut)

  3. You can hold “smooth” shortcut to add/remove selection by clicking on the meshes in the canvas. I could add a dedicated tool for lasso selection but it’s not high priority.


Thanks for your consideration Stephane. I like the use of the smooth / mask buttons as an option to using the keyboard buttons, as that means I can use the iPad with the keyboard folded up. :grinning:

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