Automatic selection

  • In this case here , this template contains a lot of separate objects , could you get a button at the top to automatically merge all the parts ? Because selecting more than 100 objects manually is very boring , Or, please tell me what I should do, because I wanted the object in a single mesh
    Recently I selected everything , but it took a long time , is there any simpler way to join very separate objects ?

You can mark all objects with the pen - you just have to draw over the boxes in the menu, so 100 objects are marked immediately.

This is nothing new I already know this function and I did it, I had so many objects selected that my device crashed.
I already know how all of the basic functions of nomad and etc works, and just a resource request

Then export the whole scene as STL and import it again.


even so, something already native and the door to success, I advise him to put this button , but thanks man