Posing help!

Hey folks. Trying to do some posing but struggling.

Is there a way to multi select parts without pinning the select menu and renaming the parts to find them in the list , then simple merging them to move together. Can we select then + add another selection in the 3D viewport?.

Can we group parts or do any sort hierarchy for moving elements around?.

Any tips?. Tried simple merging my full model to mask-move parts but usually crashes when trying to do so :frowning: .


Maintain smooth button and tap on object for sélect by tap


:open_mouth: i had no idea!. thanks for sharing. will make things 100 times easier :smiley:

Depends a bit on object.
Let’s take robots for you.

A good idea is a sort of Kinematic organisation of your parts and to simple merge as much as possible. Means simple merge everything which is moving together.
It is still quite terrible in Nomad though, but doable.

Let’s take a human arm as an example.
It could look like this:

Now you can tap & drag down over check boxes to quickly select all parts with one stroke.
Btw. If you edit the pivot for a selection it will be remembered till you leave Nomad. Unfortunately it will not be saved.
Means you can edit the pivot for complete arm selection, but also for hand thumb and finger selection and so on.

But remember, selection pivot is not saved (which is a pity) so try to keep the balance between rigging work and simple doing something to get the result you want. Too much work on pivots maybe doesn’t pay off.


Thanks so much @knacki thats very helpful.

Yeah realizing scene clean up / simple merging helps but it’s tough with the tool set.

After 3 hours still haven’t posed my character haha ugh :weary:. My massacre-ing my model haha I keep by mistake selecting off something or rotating them by mistake and the initial state sometimes isn’t returning parts when doing an undo guessing due to moving my pivot in edit mode the undo gets confused.

Joy lol

Oh dear, hope you have backups.
I would go for naming and organising object position in list first.
Saving again with new number.
Simple merge
Incremental save 2x
Start posing.

On robots, where one can’t do much with masks, most must be done by adjusting pivots.
My experience at least.

I ended up getting it with your tips and a lot of organizing, thanks!. When nomad is fixed ( curvature,AO and some paint issues) are broke on my projects so putting nomad aside till a fix comes through :frowning:

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Ao and painting are not broken afaik…

I am super happy that I could help.
Yeah organising and structural naming really pays off!
Always from joint to final bone like
shoulder, upper arm, forearm hand, finger.

I once tried to create a fully “rigged” Nomad Basemesh. But since selection pivot points are not saved, this is useless. Too much work for one short session. Parent child linking would be an option as well……on the other hand….without something like zBrushs transpose master, a rigged basemesh is questionable anyway.
I really need to look at blenders pose brush with face sets. That looks promising.

Can’t wait to see your peacock posed :vulcan_salute:

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