Posing Multiple Subtools

Hi all!

I would like to ask how you guys go about posing your models with multiple subtools? I haven’t really tried posing anything yet, so I would like to know what are my options. Below is my scene.


That’s a cute one :heart_eyes:

I would try following things:
Make a selection and move pivot point to your likeness. Attention, selection pivot points are not saved! You need to do in one go.

Simple merge and then mask and rotate is always an option as well.

But that’s it from my side, sorry.

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I kind of lost to the pivot points. I will have to look into that method since simple merge is a no go because material settings are different. Thanks!

You could use “separate” after posing and reapply the different materials.

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Ohhhhh. So there is that option. Thanks! Can you recommend any link regarding the pivot points? I still cannot figure how to use it. I’m just new to 3d sculpting and have no experience in posing/rigging at all.

Try with a new scene.
Create a cylinder.
Mask half and blur mask till you have a soft transition.
Take the Gizmo
Check pivot on left menu.
Move the gizmo to the place where the joint would be.
Uncheck pivot
Now the cylinder will bend around the gizmo according how soft the mask transition is.

There will be some resculpting necessary anyway, I am afraid. But the more you test, the less you’ll have to fiddle with original.

More a robot here but he use an interesting technique as well

Thanks a lot! Now i get it. Much appreciated. :grin:

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