How do you pose your sculpts?

While I usually try to sculpt directly on the pose I need, it’d be nice to be able to do a T pose and then re-arrange poses. The best method I’ve come across is masking parts and moving them, but this is very time-consuming and honestly doesn’t look good. The smooth tool isn’t strong enough to fix the small distortion problems that might come out of this technique.

So how do you guys go around doing this? I’m curious!

Combine your smooth with decimate to get a bit of a quicker reaction. Most cloth folds are going to need to be resculpted anyway (or muscle deformations).

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I was just about to make a post about this…! :grinning: I wish we had grouping or folders or a way to set a group of meshes with a defined pivot. I have not posed any characters as it’s been way to tricky merging parts and not having it crash lol. I tried a couple of times but the simple merge isn’t great at times. A basic parenting would be great!.

I would love to model neutral pose and then dynamic pose it after but would require some grouping tools or folder system.

Anyone have tips?, saw someone do this by using layers to morph … but not ideal :confused:


I believe posing is in the pipeline, from what our dear leader has written.