Rigging/Posing using a sphere joint system

I’d love the ability to pose characters using a system where a simple sphere is a “joint” and you control the falloff (0 to 1) between it and the next subsequent joint with a slider. I’m not going for anything crazy, but being able to pose a character quickly without needing to mask or trim would be awesome.

Thanks for everything you have already added! I love Nomad sculpt.

It would be nice to have but most likely not coming for quite a while.

However, you can make one yourself.
o Import a sphere where you want the pivot to be.
o Simple Merge the sphere with the part you want it to pivot with
o Edit the gizmo/pivot point to be inside the sphere

How does that work out if it’s a solid model? The request is for us to not have to mask/split and remerge parts. I realize it may take awhile to get this feature, but I stand by my request.

I guess I didn’t see how you mentioned it being a solid model in your original post :roll_eyes:

You’re right, I didn’t point out that I’m trying to pose a solid sculpt. I’ll make a point of being more specific in future posts.