Rigging and bones or something

Please add bones so i can rig and pose my things my work is stuck in T pose rn cuz im an idiot :frowning:


You can try mixamo auto rig online

My team and i are working on a rigging/animation tool



It happened to me the first time. I had to cut the character to put it on a lostus meditation pose.

So now I try to be way more organized with hierarchy and naming from the start.

Then work as much as I can on each piece without joining anything.

Keep copy back ups of repeaters curves and stuff, or if posible avoiding as much validations as possible and or keep an unvalidated clone for back up.

Then before posing save a copy of the project and keep it for backup then open it rename it with the pose name and start posing, save thwt then open a copy and start validating and joining.

Easier said than done, but with practice my tidiness should get better.

It is so painful to work when you donโ€™t do it right from the start, it gets messy pretty fast, that the old pain, becomes a voice in your head saying: name, organize, keep a copy, clone for backup now or you will highly regret it.
Just look in youtube for the videos, about posing in nomad, there are some very good ones.

I just published the tutorial
Rigging and animating using iPad only


Thatโ€™s looks promising
We really need a dedicated rigging app
Wish you all the best

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Cascadeur has an open beta as well, but not sure if it can do rigging on the iPad version.

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