Nick’s Notes (Small but impactful UI refinements)

This is straight out of my notepad. I don’t know why I was creating this list for myself, since it’s not my program to improve. I figured it makes just a little more sense, in the features forum.

— Add to selection - For working with long object list, click and add to selection on the field, instead of adding to selection with check marks. With a long a complex list, this process becomes a process of elimination to find a specific set of objects. Can be simplified.

— Multiple symmetries - Quadruple points symmetry to help with “extruding” processes - x and z axis, or any set of axises.

— Insert to Center - Ability to insert a single object onto the set axis, without having to align the object to the center. Alternatively, snapping to center option would help. Handy for Insert, Lathe, and Tube (All insert methods) This would really speed up and smooth out workflow.

— Bug fix - Tubes are not built from preset symmetry axis. (As of now, I have found a work around but it’s tricky.)

Im VERY happy with Nomad, overall, excited to see how it grows, and I hope these things I’ve noticed are considered for the updates.


Multi select using the smooth shortcut key is another way you can do it (hold down smooth button and just tap on mesh directly in the viewport to select/deselect

Thank you! That’s a great work around. That means a simple button that does it would be really easy to implement. I’m not sure enough it’s common enough of a use-case to call for a front-UI button - perhaps optionally.

Also, if I can add a fifth, unless someone has found a way I haven’t found… but does anyone else find themselves hitting the blur button for a mask, for 60+ seconds, on high density meshes?

  1. Blur function for masks, exponentiator.

Most of the time that i’m using it, it’s for pseudo-rigging. I know rigging is a big ask for the community, so I won’t go into that.