Select Group / Element

Maybe this is already possible? I didn’t find anything.
Let’s say there are two spheres “simple merged” together, but nested with each other so no real chance to select only one with masking brush, or lasso. But both spheres are still separate Elements, (3ds max name) or let’s say separate, not connected geometries in one object. Is it possible to select one of them with one simple action?
If not, that would be my request.
Would make scene management easier as well, as one could “simple merge” parts together but still edit them separately by quick masking.

You can use the Separate option, which is basically the inverse or Simple merge (click the … in the Scene menu).

For now it’s the only way.
Maybe in the future I could add a new « mask separate » tool or an option to the Mask tool that could do that,

Thank you. That would be brilliant! A one click select / deselect Element would help a lot for different Workflows.

Stephane!!! Do you have an idea how long I searched for this separate function? :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:
I saw it mentioned somewhere here, but those days it was placed beneath “lock active mesh” . I checked my nomad version, my IOS and killed some Voodoo puppets, stepped through dev keys and danced it’s name
S-E-P-A-R-A-T-E :man_dancing:
But I never even thought about touching those three dots :flushed:
Thanks, that will help for the moment. :vulcan_salute: