Connected topology masking

I think this would be make translating objects inside same group much easier. Like i have bunch of meshes like digits of hand inside same group when i pose parts and then i need to split the group again to rotate pieces in correct pose. If there would be a masking mode called Object or mesh. That mode would just select mesh that has connected topology. Unmasking on you could just remove stuff from that mask and so fourth. Thanks again for this lovely software it´s really great! :muscle:

I’m thinking about the Interface/UX.
Maybe a simple tap on the object could flip (or fill/unfill) the mask?
And if it happens that the object is a single object, then it’s a no-op.

At the risk of adding more shortcuts to the already-dwindling shortcut spaces, a button/toggle could be added that switches between group and direct selection.

I.e., default is current behavior, a mode switch would let you select individual meshes in groups as though they were ungrouped.

Like in Illustrator, the difference between the normal Selection Tool and Direct Selection Tool.

Plus, this behavior would still be useful once scene hierarchy is added.

Yeah - something like Element in 3Ds Max.
I asked for same Here

Is double tap a problem? With any mask brush double tap on object and connected polygons are selected. No need to hold mask button, just double tap.

Till that, simple merge and separate is an option to go as suggested in my thread. Better than nothing.

Yes, at the moment double-tap is camera focus.
I’m not sure if many people use the double tap but for now I’m not quite ready to make this behaviour contextual.

But as I said in my previous message I’ll probably experiment with single tap and see if it works out.