Select object mode for masking for merged objects

After simple merge one can still select parts, that is very good. But what if one wants to select plenty of those objects merged before?
An object selection mode for rectangle, lasso etc would be helpful. As soon one vertice is inside selection area, the complete closed object is selected.

Is this already existing btw?

Not sure what you are talking about, you can mask parts but you can’t select parts.

I am talking about different selection mode. Right now it vertex based.
If you simple merge several objects together, you can select one of those merged objects, by using mask brush and tapping on object.
It would be very cool to use lasso and rectangle with object mode as well. If one vertex of an object is inside this selection area, the complete object is selected.


The tire profile is made from 6 sided cylinders with radial symmetry on 32 and one time duplicated to get 64 per row. The 64 again 6 times duplicated = 384 single objects. In 3Ds Max those closed objects inside one single object are called element.
If I switch to element selection mode, the complete element is selected, even when Just one vertex of it is inside selection area. This way, one can even edit these very big amount of single simple merged object very fast.