One tap mask?

So the other day I was adjusting an imported model, which was all one object in nomad. Whilst masking it I tapped and it masked the entire part of the mesh! Exactly what I was doing painstakingly by hand, it masked an entire individual piece, I know that it is possible to separate the mesh, but how do I do the one tap mask feature? When I only need one part of a robots foot removed it’s a life saver! I’ve seen other people talk about the feature but haven’t been able to replicate it, if I tap in mask mode it starts painting, if I tap in selMask mode it just tries to make a tiny selection. I know it has something to do with enabling wireframe mode, and I got that to select individual faces, but not whole separate meshes within the same object. This then also adds a suggestion, maybe make one tap select isolated connected mesh a toggle option in the brush or tool menus?

Update got it to work, I enabled a bunch of the options in the interface and was able to do it in selMask, now wireframe mode needed, had to be in view mode, still would like a deeper explanation on how it’s activated though, not exactly sure what I did to make it work.

Tapping on an object masks the whole object.

Check out the manual for some more shortcuts :wink:

Tapping on a part of a joined object (not a single mesh) masks just that part.