Finger tap masking partially hidden mesh

I really like the new quick tap masking for multi element meshes, but it seems like these gestures still work on a single mesh if it’s partially hidden.
Not sure if it’s really a bug or maybe an oversight, but it seems like you wouldn’t need it in these cases, right?

My main issue is that while painting a mask it keeps getting accidentally cleared because of the sub par palm rejection (I know that’s an Apple thing, not Nomad)

the rejection of the palm in Nomad is more present than in all my other applications and it becomes frustrating in the long run, like you make a beautiful line without trembling you are happy, you have to redo a second you put your hand and the stylus touches the screen is too late you have lost your line … I have done a lot of tests in other applications there is really only in Nomad or the rejection of the palm works badly, there is little to be way to adjust that I don’t know.

This has nothing to do with palm rejection… it’s simply that the double tap takes into account stylus input as well, but it should probably not now that I think about it.

Once again the palm rejection is the same everywhere and I’m 100% sure, it’s EXACTLY the same as in procreate.

it’s really weird anyway this thing because I swear it is less obvious in other applications. procreate also it does it to me but much less often

Solution, use glove lol.

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Well as said previously there is at least one spotted issue, the stylus should indeed be ignored when taking double taps into account.

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Back to the topic. It shouldn’t be the case, so it means your object has a separate part.
To make sure you can use the Separate feature (… in Scene menu).
My guess is the voxel remesher left a small dangling part or something.

That being said I’ll change the behavior on next release. Single taping will do nothing if the separate part has partial masking data on it.

I can confirm that it was a single mesh, I got the 'could not separate" warning.

(It’s actually my primary use for the function: to quickly check for those little ‘floaters’ and delete them)

I suppose it’ll be a non issue either way with the change, Thanks! :+1:

Yeah I have a glove but realized mine is of flawed design: It would crinkle up where the pinky finger bends at the palm and that extra fabric would keep registering the screen…wreaked havoc with sketchbook pro. :rofl: I should get a new one.