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Please fix Palm détection on iPad, I thought that this was my ipad the problem so I made the test with several applications but there is only in nomad or as soon as I put my hand it cancels what I did before, it is too sensitive I think. thank you

Can’t confirm this.

Stéphane has mentioned in another post that he has little control over palm rejection with the Apple Pencil, as it’s a system-level thing managed by the OS. I’ve had a similar experience to yours, though, where it seems like it works as expected in other apps, but my palm is hitting things, selecting objects, etc., in NS.

/edit: Erroneous hand selections - #9 by stephomi

it’s quite frustrating but for example without procreate I had the same problem but it seems that it has been corrected or improved because I do less or no accidental undo.

Yes it’s a system thing (read my answer in the link provided by @Justin_Ross).

My guess: you are simply using Nomad differently than the other apps.
I got Procreate, and I can confirm it’s the same behaviour (unless you fiddle with their Settings in the iPad Settings App).

Undo have nothing to do with Palm rejection.
Palm rejection simply means: the iPad will not send some inputs if it detects the input area is too big.

The undo and redo can be improved/tweaked but that’s another request.

hi everybody
I have a problem with palm rejection too and it drives me crazy: almost every palm contact selects another object, moves the camera or makes an undo (so I can confirm Costorella here: it seems to read the palm occasionally as a 2 finger tap)
I have some problems with this in procreate too but not as much.
However, I have the impression that it became much worse after swopping my 1st gen iPad Pro to the 4th gen. Can anyone confirm this?


I have the same issues, and no issues in procreate. In Nomad my hand keeps activate undo.
Not sure if it has something to do with me being left handed?

I’ve solved the issue by now by using cheap glove.

I don’t know what to say, the palm rejection thing a iOS/system thing as said previously and I’m 100% sure about it.

You can reduce palm rejection threshold in pressure menu (bottom of pressure menu).

I understand palm rejection may be an iOS issue, but this is absolutely an issue I too am experiencing.

I use both Forger and Nomad and this doesn’t happen in Forger. There must clearly be something else affecting this difference in outcome.

It wasn’t happening at first but it seems to be getting more prevalent (or I just hadn’t noticed it).

It is making it near impossible to use lazy stroke settings as my palm seems to cause the stroke to hitch and jitter. I also had to disable quick gestures as resting my palm down would constantly rapidly undo (like 4 undos deep).

Enough people are having this issue that I think it’s something to look into. Especially since I far prefer Nomad in just about every other way over Forger. I would be happy to give a log if possible.

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Happens to me a lot, I find I have to gently rest my palm on the screen (setting it on with minimum force, then resting it), if I try too fast I get undo’s or I hit something on the UI, but when I lower it at a steady pace, everything registers fine.

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When I am holding the iPad 10,5” pro with two fingers and the thumb is resting on front side, sometimes I experience issues even in typing. But I never experienced problems described here, nor I guess @Costorella_Stefano is experiencing this anymore? His bug report is 10 month old. I also doubt @Jorgensen is having issues anymore, as he is posting nice works in here.

Maybe you just’re just unlucky in your hardware-software constellation?

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Happens to me on my iPad Pro M1, but I just figured it down to me resting my palm on the screen too quick, when I don’t, smooth sailing. I don’t get any stroke problems like described, but I’ve had rapid undo’s before - and generally get a double-finger tap undo if I rest it at the same wrist speed I use the stylus. I purposely slow myself down when I rest my palm on the screen.

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If so, I suffer from it every day. And unfortunately as said above it is almost all the time with Nomad very rarely with Procreate and when I used forging almost never. I also had to remove a good part of the tools that I had downloaded or do myself because my palm was also pressing on it. The most annoying thing is when you are too fast because you do something that must be regular then you put your hand back it erases what you have done and in the heat of the action you do strokes anyhow. Only solution when it becomes impossible “a drawing glove”

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Yes that’s exactly it if we go too fast it makes a two-finger cancellation with the palm and obviously I don’t want to draw in slow motion lol.

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lol only when you rest your palm! when I go to rest my wrist on the tablet to get into an area for detail, ive now taught myself when using nomad to basically press it on the screen lightly, then I add pressure, rest my wrist, then scribble away like a madman at normal speed :sweat_smile:

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Actually using nomad is a bit like doing Tai Chi lol.

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That actually made me splutter out a bit of coffee :rofl: :joy:

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Let’s clarify (again)

Palm rejection is your tablet ignoring inputs coming from the… palm.
It’s an iOS thing. period.

The issues that you described here are completely different.
Nomad considers stylus input as valid input for some multi-touch gesture, including Undo and Redo.
Just try do double tap with finger+Stylus in Nomad, Forger and Procreate, and you’ll see that Nomad is the only one to register the undo.
That’s the core of issue, but no palm thing whatsoever.

The other issue is the palm trigger tool selection.
Use “Auto-hide toolbox”.

I still stand that your palm sometimes get registered as finger input in Forger and Procreate, you just don’t see it because it doesn’t trigger undo or do a slight paint that you barely see (it also means you probably paint by accident in Procreate).

If you really want to persist in “palm rejection is different in Forger, Procreate and Nomad”.
Then, use a full screen white canvas, and use your palm only. The odd of your palm painting the white canvas will be the 3 softwares. At least it’s the behavior I get since the beginning.

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Added input: stylus and finger double tap is now ignored (undo) for the next release.



yes, I can confirm I have an Ipad Pro first-generation and am testing currently the M1 5th gen Ipad Pro. The palm detection has worsened. To a degree that I’m really considering sticking with my old Ipad Pro. Although I really want to have more RAM. But that palm detection thing is maddening.