Palm rejection in nomad sculpt vs. goodnotes


long time zbrush user and picked up nomad sculpt for the ipad air with the pencil 2 and i’m having a lot of fun sculpting on this device.

but i have noticed that my palm seems to be actuating a lot of commands erroneously while i’m just resting the palm on tablet and sculpting.

i know the dev has said that palm rejection is an OS level function and i’m certain that’s true. but i have noticed that goodnotes has an hand orientation choice that you can choose in the options - whether you’re left or right handed and where your palm would generally be relative to the pencil when you’re drawing.

in goodnotes, the default for right handed use is with the heel of the palm a little at a diagonal to the right of the pencil and while writing that way, i was getting a lot of situations where the pencil would not leave marks because i think it was picking up my palm as a continuous input.

when i went into the settings and changed the orientation to reflect my personal hand position - where the heel of the palm is almost directly under the pencil, my issues went away.

i wonder if there is something like this that can be implemented with nomad sculpt because as it is now, i have to float my palm above the screen and cannot rest it while doing pencil inputs. i understand that the core functionality is an iOS system-wide thing but goodnotes does seem to be providing additional information to the os to finesse the results.

anything to this?



Maybe try increasing the threshold on the pressure menu.

Not sure how I named it in 1.65