Issue with pen (Android)

Hey there, bumping into this issue, sometimes where when I’m navigating with two fingers with the left hand, and then approach with the stylus in the right hand with the left hand still down, the stylus stays in “navigation” mode even when I remove my left hand later.

Same with three fingers, when I approach the pen, I rotate the env with the pen and it stays in that mode until I actually rotate with three fingers again and then let go.

I can try to record a video if this can’t be reproduced

… looked into it a bit more and it seems to happen mostly when using a high polygon count with wireframe mode for some reason

From what I’m reading it’s more or less the expected behavior.

You can’t sculpt and rotate the camera at the same time.
I only have an iPad Air (Apple pencil) and and a mobile Android with no pen though.
So maybe I’m missing something.

The pen gets stuck in camera navigation mode then, and I can’t press any buttons in the interface with it either. It’s like internally, Nomad believes one of the fingers is still down and the pen would be the second finger. But it only happens when the viewport load is rather high. It’s pretty difficult to get out of that weird mode also.

(I’ve enable touch visualization in the android developer options that’s what these extra lines are). There’s no issue when I lift my left hand completely before I sculpt, but it’s still happening by accident. Also it sometimes happens when I touch with the palm of my right hand hand before the pen is down.

Ah ok it’s a bug.

I can’t reproduce with iPad Air.
Normally when you move the pencil it should rotate the environment.

I think that’s because Android can’t handle fingers and pencil at the same time, which is really annoying…

Ah so you can press the smooth modifier on the left while sculpting (ie smoothing) on iPad? That’s a nice advantage of iPads then.

Yes, I don’t know if it’s a Samsung thing or Android thing though.

It might even have been done by Samsung on hardware level, then there’s no hope at all of customzing it for an app. For me it’s not a big inconveneince though since finger smooth is also very useful :+1:

Btw let me know if you need an Android tester…

just as a side note just found out that the Samsung s-pen is completely replacable by an old wacom digitizer-II pen from 1994 … even pressure sensitivity is working. :rofl:

A more modern wacom pen isn’t funcioning as an s-pen though.

I don’t do beta/alpha testing but since I don’t have any tablet Android with pencil I will mostly rely on feedbacks to fix issues related to pencil.

Also I’ll try to add the Android button pencil support on next release, but you can be 100% it won’t work perfectly :slight_smile:.
To be honest Android is not the top priority for now but eventually these bugs will be fixed.

Almost all of Nomad shares the exact same code between iOS/Android/Desktop, but the platform-specific things are a bit annoying.

That’s really amazing that you’re able to pull this off, I wouldn’t even know where to start looking… Desktop btw means Windows?

Yes but it’s for development only, maybe in the future I’ll release a desktop version but nothing planned for now.

That’s interesting. Sounds good :+1:

Sorry to bump this, but I think this is the biggest issue on android right now when working with high res models.

It happens almost always now if I’m not very careful with my hand movements, like every 2 minutes and I get stuck in this mode where it’s tricky to get out of.

I was thinking, it looks like some touch events might disappear for some reason but maybe it could be fixed experimentally by removing all internal finger down states once the pen is detected?

Can you reproduce the issue if you sculpt with your finger?

No just the pen, fingers cause no issue at all.

Ok I think I know the issue, I’ll make quick release for android today.

Thanks! btw just downloaded a new release which still has the issues not sure if it’s that one already.

What is the version?
It should be 1.32.1

Oh I had 1.32, after updating it still says 1.32

I’ll try and reboot the tablet

No don’t bother, the update is not there yet.

Google needs to verify it first (it’s just that sometimes they send me the confirmation note a few hours after the release landed on the store for real).