Small bugs or changes? Regarding "View", snap cube and addition of new objects


first of all, the new update is impressive. Thank you for this great software. I am using Nomad Sculpt on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (6GB RAM, 2020 version). There are a few things, maybe not bugs, that throw me off (maybe I have to adjust to the new version)

  1. When I add new primitives, and the active object is in a mirror group, the new primitive is automatically added to the group. So before I add something new, I have to deselect it?
  2. the snap cube stopped responding several times, while I was working on objects that were in mirror groups with several objects child to that mirror parent. Does this kind of hierarchy need more memory, which may cause freezing?
  3. When I activate “View” to inspect my model, I still see all these lines and symbols of the mirror groups. Do I have to deactive these from the scene tab manually to see a clean view?

Forgive me, if these points have already been adressed, but I could not find it. (I did not mention the things I already found here posted by others).

3 - yes, below scene menu you have to deactivate AND mirror node must not be selected somehow……

  1. Yes that’s the behavior
  2. Hierarchy has nothing to do with it. Not sure what was your context when it happened (tool selected, finger/stylus, etc). If it happens again, give more information on how to replicate it.
  3. Maybe go in View menu?
  1. Thank you for your answers. I’ll see if I can reproduce the problem I had.
  2. In the view menu I changed the Icon visibilty from auto to off, but the hierarchy lines are still visible. The rest of the symbols are now hidden. I don’t know why the hierarchy lines alone are still visible.
  1. Yes it’s a bug indeed

It happened again.
I cannot change the object by tapping on it (finger and stylus).
Normally, when I double tap, the selected object gets zoomed in.

When I double tap while I have this problem, the last point I touched on any object flashes up with the red dot (pivot point?). And wenn I touch any object, it does not get selected, but the red dot of the pivot point moves there.
It’s like I am in the edit pivot mode, although I am not.

I saved my file and restarted nomad sculpt. Now it works again.