1.67: New bugs? Back end changes?

Is it possible to revert a version? Nothing seems to be working right at all. The gizmo is reset in weird places, smudging isn’t symmetrical, the list goes on and on. I know a few were my fault by mostly things have just gone wonky. I appreciate updates so much but I’m so confused as to why this went out like this. I’ll make a video if people don’t see what I’m saying.

No you can’t revert.

Any more information?

You are the only one thinking this kind of “drama” topping is necessary.
This makes it very likely to locate at least some issues on your side as most people are happy.
But if there are issues, a precise naming, a precise description, with screenshots and videos. A precise definition of what device and which OS version you are using would be helpful for everyone.

If you want to get help, that’s the way to go. Then you will get help!
Others can try to confirm your issues and Stéphane will hunt down any bugs one by one, like he does pretty quickly last days already.

But if you just want to senseless scare some users as you are already in Halloween mood - well done!
Unfair, but well done.


you are not the only one… missing the other version.
I have so many troubles. I want to export my stl… and the app crash when I did it

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Gizmo reset in weird places - could this be that you have “move custom pivot on single tap” set to either middle stab or first hit? Set it to none and your custom pivot with remain as is, until you move it with the gizmo.

If you’re smudging isn’t symmetrical then maybe you’ve moved the object off axis and have symmetry set to world? Set it to local and things should stay symmetrical.

Gizmo on click only happens when you are in “pivot” mode (lock icon).

As for gizmo it doesn’t have a single reset position, clicking multiple time toggle between the version.
Either it’s the center or the bottom of the primitive (only for primitive, for snap/insertion purpose).
If it’s a mesh it’s either the center or the identity pivot (real pivot) point.
The real pivot is typically where you’ll see the pivot if you export it in blender (if your mesh coordinates are not centered it can be far away from the object itself).

Solving the thread. If you still have issues on 1.68, add more information.


I’ll begin adding videos for examples and you guys can prove me wrong if I’m just not adjusting to new features correctly or being otherwise unobservant (admittedly - that’s happened.)
I must stress that I’m grateful and want to be a force to help build the program (in the way available) rather than just critique it.

I’ll add more as I remember them

First, update to 1.68.

Also maybe look at the feature a bit more in details (change log 1.66 for example).
Right now many bug reports are more like asking for help/clarification.

Typically in your video, you click on the background, which is a gesture to invert the mask when the mask tool is selected (I know… you just wanted to close the menu).
Simply delete the one-finger mask gesture in the gesture menu.

As a developer it’s always annoying when you make an update and some people go nuclear “It DoeSn’t WoRk the SaMe As BefOre”.
Of course a new release also means new bug, but the frustrating thing is the time spent at triaging what is a real bug from what’s just feedback/disappointment on the new release (ESPECIALLY when it’s something that can disabled in the interface).

The comment is not really geared towards you, it just happens all the time.


I’ll make a compilation as short and direct as possible to decrease this, and I have jumped the gun a bit, but I think a few were legitimate. I’ll get to work on that.

…Mask shortcuts are genius, now that I’ve learned them.

Check back in a few days as i add these so as to not be bothered by any false bugs w/ each post.

(Resetting view by clicking front does not seem to act continuously, when moving from new angle, angle resets itself)
I have a feeling there’s something(s) key I haven’t learned that is the source of a lot of these bugs but the program has always been so fluid that technicalities never have seemed an issue.

Tout d’abord, je comprends ta frustration de ton premier commentaire et des potentiels bugs qui peut y avoir. Toutefois, faut savoir être nuancer et modérer dans les paroles. Il ne faut quand même pas oublier la chance d’avoir cette application, qu’elle soit mise à jour en continue, et d’avoir un développeur qui fait un travail extraordinaire et qu’i soit autant disponible ! Merci à lui.

Concernant ta dernière vidéo, tu présentes un problème mineur. Parfois il faut que tu changes d’outil que le problème de vue se rétablisse. Toutefois, il serait pertinent que tu apportes plus de détail sur les problèmes que tu rencontres. Là, le problème est flou.

A bientôt pour t’aider !

How would you feel if you suddenly discovered you can no longer make a nostril the way you made the previous 5,000 nostrils?

I can assure you it’s not a good feeling. : )

Maybe :thinking: u need to reinstall :man_shrugging:t5:

Camera → snap on orthographic

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So with research (and help) I’ve removed a lot of what I thought were bugs but, still having a few weird issues with functionality.


So here’s what’s going on with smudging. It just doesn’t work the same, or as well.

Another thing harder to demonstrate in 3-second long videos is how the rotation ball needs to be adjusted constantly, I don’t remember having to do that so often, or at all really, unless i wanted to pivot from a joint, in the old one. The ball of adjustments seemed to just center itself.

One more weird one, the symmetry shows one thing and does another (notice the lines)
Also a video showing a weird affect of smoothness on low poly shapes. Not a bug but, just weird. I could live with that as i can turn that setting down.

I can’t get through a project without something odd like this. I apologize for complaining, but there really should be a way to choose your version - for me the 1.5’s were perfect, as much as new features are exciting and fun to use. Maybe the jump in versions has us a bit rattled, but as Stephan, our leader, has admitted, early releases are of course going to contain bugs. I just wish the core could remain as intuitive, fluid, and does-as-you’d-imagine as Stephan usually is 99 percentile genius in crafting.

This was one error i cant figure out how to be passed, but for this model chair for a painting finding the gizmo’s center in things seemed to be the most difficult.

It really should be able to find the center of the world or and object locally and start/reset there.

Camera → allow air pIvot?

smudge, voxel

Bake the matrix, you seem to have strong skew and/or non uniform scale.

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So good that you can find these “bugs” that no one else can. So good /s

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It’s time to change this thread title. It is absolutely not fair to keep this title as the bug sits way to often in front of tablet. The title gives a different impression.
Post your questions in tips and help section, please.
We old boys will be with you there and cry about good old times with you.