2bugs spotted as a same time Gizmo slection&undo redo

Android 1.68 Gizmo selection is not work after long time open & use undo redo be not work by tap two /three finger. just hold the tap 2&3finger then firstly undo&redo.its showing all new open project.

anim char.glb (2.6 MB)

now its will fixed issues when open what kind of bug is this😲 i got mad .

Maybe clean your screen.

what does it mean?
i will quit & reopen nomad apps its show same thing its not work. so i exit the app and kept my device for rest for 5hours .after when i reopen nomad app its behave normally as like before.i was confusing so try these two step.
(1)what i export that project open nomad app its directly from file manager & its work fine.
(2)i quit nomad fresh open & create new project that also work.
hope you now clearly understand its

I understand half of what you are saying.

But it looks like there is an extra input detected or something, very confusing.

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@Ravikant What kind of device is it? A Phone? A Tablet? What’s the make and model?

Maybe it’s an issue with the device itself?

Android mobile device Real me xT, RMX1921 model
6gb ram. not sure about device itself issues.
hard surface make.