PROJECT DISAPPEARED USING GIZMO. data n layers there but no image

Was working with the gizmo and my project disappeared sadly the autosave save it like this and bow that i open my project it doesn’t not appear … layers and layer info at there but no image…4 days of work on the line…please help…

I also tried opening other projects and they dont appear either…. Smhow i disabled the image for everything and dont know how to put it back…however is weird because i was using the blue gizmo arrow when it all happened…just doing a simple move and it all disappeared… HELP :frowning:

Did you restart the app?

See the FAQ for your old project FAQ

Do not interact with a gizmo that is pointing towards you (in the next release you won’t be able to do see, but for the current version you should avoid avoid).

yes i restarded my ipad and it was there…thanks! also… i recall having that problem grabbing other arrows not pointinng at me…but its ok now i know its not gone.! …also can you confirm that this is a glitch? or is there way to undo this without restarting the app?? thanks for the help!!!

also have you ever considered doing a drag and drop color to shapes? like in procreate


Hmm I doubt that, the issue happens only when the arrow is pointing at you.
It can also happen with planes (tangent to the camera).

Basically when you move the object very far away.

Color drag n drop not planned for now.