Hide transform gizmo while transforming

The smaller the object, the more this is needed. Auto hiding transform gizmo the moment one starts to change something.

it’s something I had in mind since I’ve already done it in SculptGL and in Sketchfab.

However I’m still not sure about the best behavior.

In Sketchfab, when you interact with one of the arrows, the arcs disappear.
And when you interact with the arcs, the arrows disappears.

Typically in SculptGL, only the current handler remains (for example “arrow-x” or “arc-y”).
It works fine for translation but for rotation it looks weird.

I prefer the SculptGL one, but I need to do something about the arcs.
Adding a “pie angle indicator” might help.
And maybe leaving the “grey roll” arc would makes thing looks better.

Thanks for your answer. I came up with it, while I was placing sheep in the landscape. The centre dot covered the sheep almost completely while placing rough&quickly. The Sculpt GL version is a smart solution. Just checked it. I also like the arcs. Maybe a tiny status point for actual position can help to orientate.

Maybe with tiny direction arrows?

Maybe transparency slider for gizmo?

I’ll add an option to choose between the current mode and the new mode (next to the gizmo size option).

I don’t want to spend too much time on small details like that, there’s a million thing I need to do :slight_smile: .

How it looks like, there is still the option to force full opacity during interaction.

It looks great!!!

Fantastic!! You’ll see it become quite big in response as this tool is in frequent use. Love it! Thanks.

A tiny little thing. While gizmo is transforming the visible arrow does not end in Center, it stops at ball move gizmo.this makes it a bit difficult for precise positioning.

It would be nice, if yellow arrow would end on 0,0,0 of Gizmo.

Something like that or with an 0,0,0 Indikator.

Or an option to change transparency a bit. But I love this free view it is offering.

One request: don’t make the gizmo disappear entirely in Edit Pivot mode. Makes it hard to edit the pivot. :grin:

That was my request as well. But with thousand words and a library of pics…don‘t have to be necessarily more clear … :pleading_face:

I can make the arrow starts at the origin.
There is an offset because otherwise it was tricky to catch the orange disk at the center.
But since the pickable zone is already uncorrelated with the geometry that’s fine.

Makes sense, I’ll do that.

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